I.T.A. is standing for HIGH QUALITY DRAWN WIRE

Description: Our plant is covers an area of 45.000 qm is located Northern Italy, in Caloziocorte, 50km from Milan, close to the mail motorways that connect Italy to the rest of Europe. The Entrepreneurial spirit of the Beri family is the essence of I.T.A.  S.P.A.

Today I.T.A.  S.P.A. is one of the most dynamic realities in the field, with constant investments in research and development for the best consumer satisfaction.


We supply phosphate and galvanized hard drawn steel wire  for cable armouring, ACSR, telecommunication, lifting ropes, people transportation ropes, fishing ropes, off-shore applications, hoses armouring, transmission and production of spring for automotive industry and for technical springs.