Progress is based upon ideas and their realisation.

As a market-oriented company with an emphasis on continuous growth, Küster has manufactured various wire and wire rope products for an extremely diverse range of applications since the twenties of the last century.
Individual customer requirements demand – in addition to a constant openness towards product innovations – a flexible adaption to changing market conditions.


Steel wire strands and ropes, made of blank, galvanised and stainless steel wires as well as special materials. Fine wire ropes for highly sensitive applications made of individual steel wires with a diameter starting at Ø 0.025mm, from blank, galvanised and stainless steel as well as special materials.

  • Conduits
  • Push-pull-cables
  • Drive cable
  • Steel rope wires and strands with plastic coating (PVC/PA/PE/PP)
  • Steel wire ropes with plastic filling
  • Custom-made steel wire strands and ropes
  • KÜSTER preforming and postforming devices for stranding machines

Applications and markets

  • Automotive industry
  • Architecture, lighting and medical technology
  • Shading system
  • Robot and length measuring systems
  • Garage and industrial door drives
  • Winch industry
  • Various areas of application