Quality Through the Ages

One of the most significant companies in the Czech Republic MORAVIA STEEL a.s. is the joint-stock company, sole owner of the TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s., integrated steel plant, which produces approximately one-half of annual steel production in the Czech Republic. The main products are wire rod, railways and accessories, rolled bars, cast and rolled semis, seamless tubes and drawn steel. The steel products from Třinec bearing the trademark of “three hammers in a circle” offer to our business partners tradition of high quality steel.


  • Wire rod from low-carbon steel
  • Wire rod for ropes and strands
  • Wire rod for steel tyre cords
  • Wire rod for for welding accessories
  • Wire rod for connecting and machine components
  • Wire rod for chains
  • Wire rod for springs
  • Wire rod for production of bearings
  • Wire rod from free cutting steel
  • Annealed wire rod
  • Wire rod for cold heading

Applications and markets

Třinecké železárny/Moravia steel offer wire rod manufactured by modern technology from steel manufactured in integrated process. Wire rod of Třinecké železárny I processed mainly in the markets of EU 28.