wiretec Handels-und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

For one part of our business wiretec  represent two Italian companies producing spring steel wire and high carbon wire for ropes and cables, two other Italian companies working in the energy sector specialized in conductors, enamelled wires and power transformers and last but not least one Canadian company dedicated to industrial furnaces.

The other part is focused on project management including introduction of project management at customers’ companies, consulting, coaching, training, workshop as well as management of customers’ projects as external project manager.


Steel wire for springs acc. to EN 10270-1 and 10270-2 in the diameter range 0,30-18,30 mm;
Steel wire for ropes and cables, phosphated and galvanized acc. to EN 10264-2 and 10264-3 in the diameter range 0,30-6,00 mm;
Standard conductors as ACSR, AAC, AAAC and HTLS conductors (high temperature low sag) as TACSR, TACIR, AAAC, ACCS, ACCM, etc...;
Power transformers for substations;
Stress relieving or tempering furnaces for springs and other metallic parts