ArcelorMittal Ropes, Engineering excellence

Recognised worldwide for the quality of its corrosion resistant products, ArcelorMittal ROPES manufactures and supplies some of the most technologically advanced steel wire ropes in the world.

Designed, developed and manufactured for strength, flexibility and endurance, ArcelorMittal ROPES delivers lasting value and safety for the most demanding environments.

ArcelorMittal ROPES delivers unsurpassed engineering excellence and is recognised as the steel wire ropes service provider of choice across the hoisting, mining, ropeway and mooring markets.


Hoisting ropes

  • HDHP 6
  • HP8P
  • Complast 9
  • Integral 8
  • NRHD 24/24 C
  • Notor HP

Mining ropes

  • Klondike
  • Notorplast
  • NRHD 24
  • NRHD 24 CS
  • Full Lock Coil, Z-Lock
  • Full Lock Coil, Z-Lock (Track Rope)
  • Half Lock Coil, X-Lock
  • NCR6

Ropeway ropes

  • 6 Strand Ropes
  • Whisper
  • Full Lock Coil
  • Full Lock Coil with Fibre Optics
  • HP8P/8xK19S
  • Installation and repair services
  • Solid core technology

Mooring ropes

Structure ropes

Applications and markets

ArcelorMittal ROPES is one of the largest steel producers in the world and manufacturer of premium quality steel wire ropes for the hoisting, mining, structure, ropeway and mooring sectors.