Core Mission

The core purpose was to represent the general interest of wire rope industries by liaising with international bodies, European Authorities to ensure with national governments in the event of threatened or executed measures or actions against members.

From the Anti-dumping measures which EWRIS has applied since 1999 vis-à-vis imports from third countries, 8 third countries were successfully under AD (Anti-dumping) measures. 4 Anti-dumping measures were lodged for expiry review and 2 cases of circumvention.

Currently Anti-dumping measures concerning imports of steel ropes and cables originating in the People’s Republic of China are still in place.

The association is also intended to bundle the interests of European and NON-European Industries.

EWRIS serves to stimulate the European Market.

On a regular basis EWRIS is presenting statistics by country based on the production of our Regular Members. The association is monitoring the market trends in Europe as well as the worldwide developments.

A specific EWRIS Technical Working Group is focused on ISO and CEN Standards whereas another one is particularly concentrating on research.