Originally conceived as an information portal, the idea was born in 1961 to network the wire rope industry internationally and to offer, in addition to sound statistics, a forum for the exchange of experience and the development of joint projects.

In 1995 under the lead of Mr. Philippe Petitfrère EWRIS was restructured. The General Assembly attending members voted for new By-laws and Rules and Regulation which form that stage on governed the Federation. A board was elected based on Chairman, Vice Chair and Treasurer.

The headquarters moved from UK to Paris, where Madame Ann Jourdain took over the responsibilities as General Secretary.

The main goals were:

  • To represent the interests to the European Wire Rope Industries
  • Provide European and International Statistics
  • Lobbing  - Building a strategy of defense against unfair competition from third parties
  • Establish the Technical Working Group and the European Liaison Committee

One year later EWRIS opened the door for a new membership category the “ASSOCIATE MEMBERS”.

In 2003 the first EWRIS web-site has become alive.

With the continuing worldwide consolidation process in our industry and the opening of the associations for new members both associations – EWRIS & DSV - feel the need for a stronger European & more global orientation. A more effective representation of our European interests to better meet future global challenges – TDI’s MES FTA’S ISO Standardization.

In 2019 during the General Assembly the new By-laws were approved by the Regular Members. EWRIS then had a registered office in Düsseldorf and was registered in the commercial register of the local court of Düsseldorf as European Federation of Steel Wire Rope Industries e.V.