General Secretary

My role as General Secretary of EWRIS is based on six pillars:

    I am committed to a high standard to business behaviour and ethical practice.
    EWRIS and me treat others with respect, recognizing benefits that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas.
    The success of EWRIS must be based on the quality of service.
    My motivation stands for seeking innovative and creative approaches to provide value to the association and to improve processes in the most efficient way.
    We want to protect our most valuable asset: our members.
    Our success depends on the commitment of each one of us and our ability to embrace the EWRIS standards of the Bylaws and ethics of the Anti-Trust Guidelines.

Sabine Wagner

Sabine Wagner has worked over 12 years as Executive Director for an International Association called FCSI (Foodservice Consultant Society International).

The region Europe, Middle East and Africa was under her responsibility with nearly 450 members.

In her career she has successfully organized big conferences and Tradeshows. One of her task and duties was to promote FCSI EAME on an International level. She had supported the EAME Board with their representatives from 7 countries. But her favorite task was always to work with and for the members.