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Material Fatigue Test Technology, Equipment & Services


Equipment, Technology Transfert & Testing Services for the physical material laboratories:

Hunter-Schenck Bend-Rotation tester on reverse bending BRS5-250, BRS5-600 on metal (steel) wire, strand & cord.

Bend-over-Sheave test machines: BSC , BSCd, BSCu for

  • flexible cord, ropes & belts for automobile and compact dynamic lifting applications
  • wire & cord for rubber reinforcement in bladder tire, hose, power transmission & conveyor belts

Rubber sample preparation system with VMX mold system & VPB vulcanisation press

Power transmission tester for timebelts: PSD

Impact tester for super & standard abrasives: IFG Friatester

Applications and markets

  • metal wire for flexible cord, cable, hose & spring
  • producers of reinforcement materials for rubber reinforced products
  • tire, belt, hose, bladder industry
  • flexible wire & textile fine ropes for automobile & lifting application
  • abrasives & superabrasives materials