We have been developing and producing a wide range of wire ropes over decades. Our production portfolio starts with fine-wire aircraft control cables up to heavy duty crane ropes.

TAURUS special wire ropes are successfully used throughout the world in a wide range of applications. DWH belongs as member to the KÜNNE - Group and manufactures according to certified standards and to customer’s special request.

Our continuous research and ongoing development are your guarantee of the high quality of our products.


  • Wire ropes as per EN 12385
  • TAURUS special wire ropes with plastic-coated wire rope core
  • TAURUS special wire ropes in low-rotating and non-rotating constructions
  • Compacted ropes with high breaking loads
  • Slings for general lifting purposes
  • Stainless steel ropes
  • Coated wire ropes
  • Wire rope accessories

Applications and markets

DWH ropes are worldwide used in

  • Indoor cranes, mobile and tower cranes
  • Forestry and agriculture industry
  • Ropeways
  • Automotive industry
  • Wind and renewable energy
  • General purpose