ELASKON Sachsen GmbH & CO. KG

Specialists for perfect service – worldwide

ELASKON Sachsen was founded in 1928 and today is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of wire rope lubrication.

Users in 67 countries worldwide rely on our quality products "Made in Saxony".

Our wire rope lubricants are continuously developed and improved in our own research and development laboratory.

Not only the knowledge gained from various projects with universities, colleges, testing institutes and approval authorities is incorporated. The requirements of our customers and their experience in practical use are further impulses for new and further developments.


Wire rope lubricants of the brand ELASKON improve the quality of wire ropes.

They reduce friction, have lubricating and adhesive properties, are temperature resistant, serve as corrosion protection and extend the service life of the rope.

Our product range:

  • Wire rope lubricants
    • primary lubricants
    • maintenance lubricants
  • Moulding and release agents
  • Special lubricants

Applications and markets

Development, production of and trade in wire rope lubricants for primary and maintenance lubrication

Focal points and areas of application:

  • mining
  • mountain and cable railways
  • crane wire ropes
  • fishing and off-shore
  • elevator
  • construction wire ropes
  • fully locked coil ropes
  • overhead conductor lines ropes
  • fibre cores