Randers Reb is a dynamic, modern rope manufacturer with the added advantage of almost 200 years of experience. This means that Randers Reb now has an exhaustive and invaluable understanding of all aspects of ropemaking in steel, fiber or combined steel and fiber. Our focus is worldwide supplies of ropes for the commercial fishing industry in particular as well as ropes for playgrounds and parks but also industry wire ropes. Customization whenever needed in order to comply with end-market demand.


  • Regular or compacted steel wire ropes.
  • Cable laid.
  • Fiber ropes.
  • Combination ropes.
  • Seine net ropes.
  • Ropes for mooring and aquaculture.
  • Crane ropes.
  • Paper Ropes for chairs etc.
  • ... and more.

Applications and markets

  • Fishing Industry.
  • Cranes and Lifting.
  • General Industry.
  • Furniture Industry.
  • Play and Park industry.
  • Furniture Industry.