TEUFELBERGER Seil Ges.m.b.H. / Redaelli Tecna spa

Together in Motion

TEUFELBERGER Seil Ges.m.b.H. and Redaelli Tecna spa are is part of the TEUFELBERGER Group and a global leader in the high-performance steel wire rope segment. Is also the first one to provide a fiber rope suitable for lifting applications like on cranes. With the brands Teufelberger-Redaelli, Redaelli, TEUFELBERGER and TECI the company produces rotation-resistant and non-rotation-resistant high performance steel wire ropes for a wide variety of applications at five locations in Austria and Italy.

The multitude of applications of the special steel wire ropes reach from heavy-duty lifting applications in construction, cargo handling in harbors and on ships, cranes in offshore and onshore oil exploration, and tensostructures. Other areas of application are mining and ropeways for the transport of passenger and material cable cars. The company also equip forestry cranes and winches with ropes and the industry with personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE for short).

Teufelberger-Redaelli has more than 430 years of experience in rope design and production. Thanks to its know-how and proven production standards, the wire rope company can react flexibly to the needs of the market and offer customized products.


Teufelberger-Redaelli develops and produces rotation-resistant and non-rotation-resistant high performance steel wire ropes, and the innovative fiber rope soLITE®, wire ropes with steel inlays and a compact plastic cover and especially densified wire ropes for varying applications in different branches.

Examples are:

  • Hoist ropes, boom hoist ropes, trolley ropes, auxiliary hoist ropes, crowd ropes and draglines for different cranes in the construction industry, for ports, and also for different applications on ship cranes and floating cranes.
  • Hoist ropes for indoor cranes, foundry cranes and slab transport cranes.
  • Hoist ropes, guide ropes, balance ropes, hoist rope – shaft sinking, drive ropes, hauling and carrying ropes for underground mining and material ropeways.
  • Carrying-hauling ropes, tensioning ropes, carrying and hauling ropes for different passenger ropeway systems.
  • High quality steel and fiber ropes for forestry use such as skyline, skyline extension, hauling & haulback ropes, hoist ropes for carriages and so on.
  • Ropes for tensile structures.

Applications and markets

The high performance steel wire ropes of TEUFELBERGER Seil Ges.m.b.H. are used for a variety of applications such as:

  • cranes in the construction industry
  • oil and gas industry e.g. offshore cranes, subsea winches, marine riser tensioners (MRT) and offshore drilling rigs
  • ports, ship cranes and in the steel industry
    • Ports: mobile port cranes, ship to shore cranes, straddle carriers, shiplifter and ship unloaders
    • Ship cranes and floating cranes
    • Steel industry: Indoor crane, Foundry crane and Slab Transport Crane
  • passenger and material ropeways
  • underground mining industry
  • forestry industry
  • engineering systems for tensile structures
  • industrial lifting