Total Cable Technology (TCT)

Tokyo Rope is a solution provider and a manufacturer for various kinds of "connecting" needs. We celebrated our company’s 133rd year anniversary on April 1, 2020. We owe our achievements to the generous and gracious support of all of our customers and suppliers for well over a century. We are committed to continue to support the development of the industry and the safety of our vital utilities worldwide, by providing high-quality products in response to the expectation and confidence of our customers.


Wire ropes, Wires, Strands, Bridge cables, Steel cords, Fiber ropes, Engineered products and Carbon Fiber Composite Cables (CFCC)

Applications and markets

We supply ropes and wire products for wide variety of applications in the global market, such as, elevators, cranes, aerial ropeways, cable cars, vessel mooring and other marine applications, rescue ropes, bridge cables, tire cords, overhead conductors, concrete reinforcements and various construction needs.