University of Stuttgart

Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics

The Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IFT) is part of the University of Stuttgart. Our focus lies in the areas of classical mechanical handling and logistics. The three departments Rope Technology, Machine Design and Material Flow Automation as well as Logistics reflect the strategic orientation of the main research areas of the institute.

The working field of the department of Rope Technology include Destructive Rope Testing, Non-Destructive Rope Testing and Ropes for Offshore Technology. Approvals and notifications exist for the areas of cableway technology and personal protective equipment in mountain sports (PPE).

The department consists of 13 employees who carry out both industrial and research projects. The funding sources include national institutions such as the DFG and AiF as well as EU programs. The research projects include both wire rope and fiber rope with a wide variety of partners from industry and research. A large test lab with a variety of standard and special test machines is available.

The department is a member of various standardization committees and organizations. The standardization bodies generally include DIN, CEN, ISO and FEM and additionally for the PPE sector UIAA. The department is also a member of the organizations OIPEEC, OITAF and Eurocord.