A question of trust

PYTHON® HIGH-PERFORMANCE ROPES by WDI GmbH are key components in the most various applications. The reliance on the implemented ropes is of utmost significance for our customers: Reliability and durability are critical factors for our customers’ business success – and therefore also for us. WDI manufactures and tempers the used steel, draws and patents the wires and uses the latter for producing wire. The fully integrated manufacturing process enables an interdisciplinary quality control – from the selection of the ore to the finished rope.


  • Strand-densified high-performance wire ropes with plastic-covered inlay in 6-stranded, 8-stranded and torque-free design; hammer-densified as well as stranddensified …
  • Double parallel-laid full steel ropes; strand-densified and/or hammer-densified
  • High-performance ropes with plastic inlay
  • Forestry ropes
  • Mining ropes
  • Offshore ropes
  • Stainless steel ropes
  • Bowden wire strands and ropes

Applications and markets

PYTHON® HIGH-PERFORMANCE ROPES are used in the most various areas, like e.g. mining, offshore, forestry, crane engineering, container handling, ships, all types of dockside crane equipment, stainless steel ropes for ship and boat construction, architecture, agricultural engineering… Bowden wire strands and ropes a.o., for the automotive industry